UNISKA LAW REVIEW is a periodical scientific journal published by the Faculty of Law, Kadiri Islamic University (UNISKA) Kediri in 2020 with ISSN code (Print): 2774-5260 and ISSN (Online): 2774-5252 and DOI code: 10.32503. The purpose of the Uniska Law Review is to become an effective means to improve the research culture for academics and legal practitioners in accordance with national standards. Uniska Law Review is published regularly twice a year, in April and December. Uniska Law Review focuses on studying legal issues in Indonesia and internationally including major issues in Civil Law, Corporate and Commercial Law, Criminal Justice Policy and Law, Constitutional Law and Human Rights, Administrative and Government Law, Environmental Law, Land and Property Law , Intellectual Property Law and Information Technology, International Law, Islamic Law, Legal Theory, Methodology,  (ADR).

Published: 2023-01-20