Focus and Scope

The scope of articles are as follows:
Private Law
The issue of family law, adat/customary law, and particular issues related to private property is a notable issue to discuss.
Corporate and Commercial Law
The law that related to the issue of business, corporate and the role of law to tackle such issues.
Criminal Justice Policy and Law
Criminal issues will always exist, therefore the study of criminal justice is needed in order to provide innovative solutions for law and society.
Constitutional Law and Human Rights
This scope would analyze any constitutional and human rights issue, for instance, judicial review, disharmonization of law, dispute among state organs, and also violation of citizens’ rights.
Administrative Law and Governance
The issue that would like to discuss is about the government policy, the conflict arose due to the issuance of a policy of the government.
Environmental Law
Debates over the necessity, fairness, and cost of environmental regulation are ongoing, likewise regarding the appropriateness of regulations vs. market solutions to achieve even agreed-upon ends. 
Land Law and Property
Property law is the area of law that governs the various forms of ownership in real property (land) and personal property.
Law of Intellectual Property and Information Technology
The era of globalization has brought us to a limitless world. It has made up a changing of law in society. The impact of technology has evolved the value and norm among people in the world. That issue needs to be addressed through scientific reasons. 
International Law
System of treaties and agreements between nations that covers how countries communicate with other countries, citizens of other nations, and businesses of other states.
Islamic Law
The law of Allah (sharia) will face some challenges in the current and future development. The learn about Islamic law historically also needs to be considered as one of the ways to tackle the current and future issue related to Islamic law, for instance: Sharia economic and finance (banking, insurance, zaqt, waqf), Islamic criminal justice system, Islamic family law, etc. 
Legal Theory, Methodology, Ideology
As with many issues of contemporary jurisprudence, there comes the debate about the methodology to be used which accordingly will result in the justice, whether it has been conducted properly or not. 
Alternative Dispute Resolution and Arbitration (ADR)
ADR is the litigation process outside the court. ADR typically consists of neutral evaluation, negotiation, reconciliation, mediation, and arbitration