Peer Review Process


Each reviewer is appointed and determined based on the Decree of the Editorial Board of the Journal of English Education Proficiency FKIP Kadiri Islamic University.

• Reviewers will get a Decision to Determine becoming a reviewer.
• Reviewers will get a Certificate as proof they have conducted a review of each of the English Education Journal Proficiency texts.
• Reviewers are given the opportunity to publish manuscripts in the Journal of English Education Proficiency free of charge.
• We will include the name of the reviewer in the acknowledgment of each issue and website of the Journal of English Education Proficiency

General requirements
• Each reviewer will be given a maximum of 2 (two) manuscripts for a feasibility study, both in terms of the substance of the problem, the research method, the results of the study or the eligibility of the reference list used in the study.
• Each reviewer is given the freedom to recommend to the Editor to accept or reject the manuscript for publication.
• The time limit for conducting a feasibility study of the Journal by the reviewer is a maximum of 2 (two) weeks after the manuscript is received by the reviewer.
• Each journal will be reviewed by two reviewers, if in the results of the feasibility study of the journal the two reviewers have different recommendations, the Editorial Team will appoint a third reviewer to provide a recommendation for the journal.
• If in practice the reviewer commits negligence in the event that he is late in reviewing the manuscript from the specified deadline or does not carry out the review of the manuscript, the Editor can withdraw the manuscript to be submitted to the reviewer
• For reviewers who have neglected the case of being late in carrying out the study of the manuscript from the specified deadline or not carrying out the study of the manuscript, the Editor may not give rewards as specified above.
• For reviewers who have completed the feasibility study of manuscripts in one issue number (not one volume published) well and have been published through print or online, then they are entitled to receive rewards as specified above.

 Reviewer process
• Editor receives a script from the author in the form of soft copy.
• Editor evaluates manuscript (Rejected if it does not meet the criteria)
Editor edits plagiarism in offline and online databases manually
• The editor sends the manuscript to the reviewer to study the substance of the manuscript.
• The review process uses Double Blind
• Reviewers return the revised script and review form to the Editor
• Editor's decision (rejected, requires large revisions, needs minor revisions, or is accepted).
• The editor confirms the results of the review to the author, either via Whatsapp or email.
• If there is a revised note from the Reviewer, the author revises the manuscript and must return it to the editor without delay. Returns more than three months will be considered as new shipments.