Retraction of Manuscript
Manuscripts published in the Journal of English Education Proficiency will be considered for publication if:

  • There is clear evidence of errors (eg data falsification) or neglect. (E.g. calculation errors or experimental errors).
  • There is clear evidence that the manuscript was previously published elsewhere without permission, or proper justification (Double Publication)
  • There is clear evidence of plagiarism or the taking of essays, opinions, and so on from others and make them appear like their own essays and opinions. (Plagiarism)
  • Unethical research



Revocation of Manuscripts

  • If the writer asks for the withdrawal of the manuscript while the manuscript is still in a peer-review process, the writer will be punished by paying 500,000 (IDR) per text as a sanction.
  • Withdrawal of the manuscript after the manuscript is accepted for publication, the author will be punished by paying 1,000,000 (IDR) per script. Withdrawal of the manuscript is only permitted after the sanction of withdrawal has been fully paid to the Issuer.
  • The author is not allowed to revoce the manuscript sent, because the withdrawal is futile and spends a lot of time processing the manuscript sent to the publisher.
  • If the author does not agree to pay the fine, the author and affiliates will be blacklisted for publication in this journal. In fact, previously published articles will be deleted from our online system.